Beautiful Istanbul, both modern and historical city. Istanbul has 8500 years old history, wich discovered by Yenikapı Theodosius port excavation. So that, new period started about Istanbul’s archaeological history. First settlement established B.C in 700 by Greeks. This city, become the capital of rome and east rome empire in the name of Constantinapole. It was conquered by the Ottoman empire in 1453 and become capital for five centuries. City was started to be called Istanbul by Turks. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey but it isn’t capital city anymore. Due to its location, Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus and Golden Horn are the most important symbols of the city. There are the Roman period Works such as Basilica Cistern, Cemberlitas, Hippodrome in the city and heritage of the Genoese Galata Tower is located. Byzantine and Ottoman buildings complates the city. The most important monuments of Byzantine structures is Haghia Sophia. There are the some of Ottoman period works such as Rumeli Fortress, Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar in the city. Istanbul’s cultural heritage is at the UNESCO World Heritage list. Istanbul is also a modern city at the same time. In 2010, Istanbul become a European cultural capital.

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